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About Us

Unfringing the Fringed

The world of games is immense: from computer games to board games to the Sunday morning sudoku with your coffee. Whilst having fun, games can connect people, trigger creativity and teach you new things.

We aim to create games that are simple, social and addictively fun, whilst introducing mechanics and strategies that even experienced game players would enjoy.

Making fringe gaming accessible. Or Unfringed.


Our journey so far with tips, tricks and helpful advice.

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Meet the Team


Game enthusiast and Creator of Unfringed

Gaming journey: From watching his Dad play Diablo II and Dungeon Keeper as a kid, playing Magic the Gathering every lunch time as a teen, to now, every Monday night joining games night with friends and creating Zuuli from scratch.

Favourite Game: Little Nightmares, Sushi Go, Magic The Gathering (other than Zuuli of course)


Live-in games tester and sounding board

Gaming journey: From pinching her brothers Gameboy and family games nights, to all night strategy games and virtual games & gin nights with friends

Favourite Games: Picture pairs (much to Chris’ horror), QE and Isle of Skye