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Molehill Meadows

Fuelled by worms it’s time to collect, connect and tunnel for treasure! Late pledge now available on Gamefound!

From the designer of Zuuli and Moving Wild (published by Oink Games), comes a worm-fuelled journey through Molehill Meadows!  

Play as Mika the Mole, a furry adventurer with a love for treasure and juicy worms in this flip & write board game. Strategically tunnel across flower-filled meadows by rotating, and flipping tunnel tiles to expand your molehill home. Make connections, achieve bonus objectives, and combine mighty worm powers to score as many points as possible! Be careful not to attract too much attention with any extra molehills though!

So pop on Mika’s extra strong glasses and embark on this delightful ever-changing journey through Molehill Meadows!

Designed by: Chris Priscott
Illustrated by: Clemency Bunn