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Rule Variants

With the introduction of the 2nd edition of Zuuli and the mini expansion for the 1st edition some rule tweaks and variants are now available.

First Edition

Mini expansion rule tweaks

With the introduction of the 6th Player I’ve added the new table on how many cards to deal each round depending on player. Note that even for a 2-5 player game you now deal 1 card extra per year compared to the rules from the 1st edition.

For Solo mode, in the Pick and Pass phase you now also ‘deal’ one additional pair per year. Updated rule text below:

Second Edition

Revert to First Edition

The second edition of Zuuli introduced the following 4 new cards to the game

  • Watering Hole x 3
  • Early Access x 3
  • New Plot x 1
  • Red Panda x 4
  • Hippo x 4

If you’d like to experience what the first edition of the game was like you can remove these cards from the game and deal 1 less card to players per round. Note that the first edition only supports 5 players.