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We’ve pre-launched on Kickstarter…

Can’t quite believe that we’ve got this far already! It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey but I’m super proud and happy to be able to start collecting followers for our launch. If you like drafting games but with a persistent board between rounds I think you’ll love Zuuli. Click the logo below to check it out.

The process itself was surprisingly nerve wracking. If you didn’t know, before you can create your pre-launch page where people can click ‘Notify me’ you have to fill in all sections of the Kickstarter page setup, from cover photo, story and all of your bank and payment information. The reason for this is because before you launch Kickstarter themselves want to do a review of your project to make sure that you aren’t breaking any rules/guidelines. You can only request this review once you have filled in all these sections mentioned previously and once it passes this review you are free to go ahead and launch your campaign but the slightly frustrating thing is that you can’t create your pre-launch page to collect followers until it has passed this review too.

Ideally I was hoping to collect followers for a few months and slowly perfect the Kickstarter page itself. You can change almost everything on your page after your page has been successfully reviewed but you also won’t pass your review unless your page itself is completed to a high standard (at least that’s what I read/heard). With the added rumour that you only get 2 chances to send your page for review before it gets rejected I didn’t want to take the risk of requesting a review with only a half completed page so this meant I had to create all the images, rewards and information over the last few weeks. Even though this added a bunch of immediate work that I had hoped to stagger over the next few months it does mean that I am now 90% finished with the page. And the effort paid off. We passed the review!

I was expecting 1-3 days for the review to happen and a bunch of nervousness and refreshing my inbox for the yay/nay email but in the end it was a little anticlimatic. Within about 30 seconds of clicking submit for review the page got reviewed and approved! I can only assume there’s some algorithm that does an auto-approve if certain criteria are met. Maybe number of tweaks, number of images, time taken from inception to review submission. Either way it feels like a fantastic milestone to hit. Now to collect as many followers as possible for launch. It would mean a lot if you wanted to click the link and join the notification crew!

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