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The happy hoppy side of Zuuli

Say hi to one of the cutest and usually the most in demand Zuuli animals, the Tree Frog. In this post we’re going to take a closer look at why you’ll be tempted to pick instead of pass, why she’s a bit picky about her enclosure mates and how with the right enclosure you’re going to score big points.

Let’s breakdown the features of the Tree Frog and a Zuuli animal in general:


The background of all Zuuli animals show what habitats are required in an enclosure in order to place that animal inside (if more than 1 then only 1 required). As you can see, for the Tree Frog we need either a Jungle or Water habitat requirement.

Space Required

This is how much space the animal takes up in any enclosure you place them in.


All animals in Zuuli are either fierce or friendly. In this case our Tree Frog has the friendly trait. This plays an important role when trying to decide what enclosures to place them in, especially if they’re going to live alongside others. We’ll look at this in more detail in a future post.


This is how much a successfully homed animal could score at the end of a year. However, it’s total score is affected by the type of enclosure it’s homed in as we will see when we take a closer look into Enclosures.

Additional Rules

Some animals have additional rules that effect their value or space requirements. In the case of the Tree Frog here you can see that her value will be double if you manage to home her in an enclosure that has both a water and jungle habitat, scoring 2 points instead of just 1.

And so there we go, a quick low down on why even though Zuuli animals are very cute they can also be particularly tricky to place, especially when everyone else is also trying to pick the best Enclosures and Animals for themselves. It’s not only the animals that can be fierce and friendly 😉

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