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Jungle, Plains or Water – Zuuli Habitats & Enclosures

Here we see a handful of the enclosures available to you in Zuuli in order to home your hoppy Tree Frog and other animals that we first saw in this post. We’ll be learning more about how in order to have the happiest animals you’ll need to decide on whether to choose between a bigger enclosure, one with more habitats installed or one which will satisfy your animals the most. By picking and passing you can influence how your fellow players build their zoo but they can be just as fierce or friendly back to you!

Let’s take a closer look at how this works:


The background of Zuuli enclosures show what habitats are already installed. We saw in our animal post that animals require certain habitats in order to be homed successfully. As we’ll see in our post on Upgrades we’ll see how we can install additional habitats.

Space available

This is how much space is available in the enclosure. In this example we have 8 space available so would be able to home 4 Anteaters inside but no more than that (4×2=8). You aren’t limited to the same animals but the fierce and friendly trait is a major factor on which animals can be homed together

Enclosure symbol

Just an enclosure symbol which along with the coloured top and bottom of the card help identify these cards as enclosures.

Satisfaction Multiplier

At the end of a year we score all animals that have been successfully homed in our enclosures. We will look into scoring in more detail in a later post but this multiplier is applied after adding the value of all animals in an enclosure. As you can imagine, having a higher multiplier usually means more points overall.

Additional rules

Some enclosures have additional rules that effect one of the elements of the card. In this example, the New Plot enclosure does not score unless it’s packed full. This is the equivalent of the Satisfaction multiplier being x0.

Hopefully you’re starting to see how homing all your animals is not quite as easy as the cutesy looks might imply. Thinking ahead, watching what your neighbours are collecting and building enclosures that will prove fruitfull in future rounds is essential for success.

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