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Zuuli @ UKGE 2022 Highlights

  • Zuuli

In Zuuli news, the smile has barely left my face since coming back from what was such an amazing UKGE. Here’s a quick overview of the full weekend and if you’re interested in finding out more comment below and I’ll get a more detailed version up on the blog soon.


  • Such a cool feeling entering the Hall on the Thursday and seeing all of the yellow vested people buzzing about and a delightful chorus of stands being constructed.
  • Really lovely to finally meet in person some names and people I only knew through social media and I even got chance to swing by some other Indie UK publisher stands to see their games and them in person for the first time. I can’t quite get over how helpful, talented and welcoming the community is and I feel priveleged to be part of it.
  • Extremely heartwarming hearing people as they played at our demo table saying how much they’re enjoying it. It’s hard to describe how it feels to hear people say such things about something you’ve created from scratch but it hits really deep and fills you with such warmth.
  • Had a lot of fun socialising with other UK publishers/designers with highlights including hall 3 quieting meows, large teddy bears and giant jenga.
  • Received such a positive response from some Board Game facebook groups about Zuuli and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing what the community comes up with for the ‘Design your own’ Zuuli cards. Highlights have to be the Chameleon, flamingos and kingfisher!

Genuinely can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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