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Unfringed, Zuuli and beyond…

The hardest part with any project for me is starting and beginning this blog has proven to be no different. After a couple of weeks of procrastinating and uncessarily tweaking the website “because it’s not ready for blogs yet” I’ve finally forced myself to write this post. So here it is. The first step in documenting our journey of designing, testing (and testing and testing) and in the near future self-publishing our first board game. It’s truly been a journey into a world that is so much more complex and fascinating than I would have ever realised and one which I would encourage any budding game designer to take. And when that journey gets rough, which it sometimes will, I hope some of these posts act as that helping hand that guide you through to greener pastures.

We hope to cover 2 main topics, the Self-Publishing side of board games and an in-depth look at our first game Zuuli. Anything else that might be of interest will be put in Other.

So there we go. If you’ve got this far it would be great to check out some of our other posts and if you’re extra keen to hear more about future releases signing up to the newsletter/mailing list below would put a big smile on our faces. More interesting posts coming soon. Ciao, for now.

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