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Upping the game with Upgrades

  • Zuuli

Got no space left in your zoo? Run out of Jungle habitat? Here come the Upgrades! When rescuing all your Zuuli animals starts to become tough, which it will, upgrades can be your best friend. Upgrades can’t be played on their own and have to be installed into enclosures that already exist in your zoo. Once installed they can’t be moved in later years. Let’s take a little look at the anatomy of the upgrade cards and how they might be able to help.

Additional space available

Some upgrade cards such as the Expansion upgrade add additional space to your zoo. This is extremely powerful when combined with an Enclosure that is small but offers a high satisfaction multiplier like the Vivarium.

Upgrade symbol

Just a handy symbol, along with the card border colour, that lets you know this is an upgrade card.

Additional rules

Most upgrade cards have additional rules which explain how they can be used to help your zoo woes. Some add additional habitats, some increase the space available and some allow you to ignore the fierce and friendly traits when placing animals together. We’ll look at why this matters when we look at how to develop your zoo.

Upgrades in Zuuli can help you take enclosures that might not be immediately useful and turn them into high scoring happy homes. And with that we’ve covered all of the 3 card types available in Zuuli. In the next posts we’ll be looking at how we pick these cards, how we develop them into our own Zuuli zoo and how we can maximise our score and beat our fellow zoo developers.

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