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What is Zuuli?

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Here we find a Zuuli Anteater in a very spacious New Plot with no pesky fierce animals to bother her. A first look at the 3 types of cards you’ll be picking, passing, developing and scoring in Zuuli.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking in more detail at the different types of:

  • Enclosures (E.g. New Plot)
  • Animals (E.g. Anteater)
  • Upgrades (E.g. Expansion)

Including why the friendly Anteater wouldn’t appreciate sharing with a fierce friend, why without any other New Plot mates you’re not going to score any points and why a Vivarium is no place for an Anteater, at least not without a ‘More Land’ habitat upgrade installed.

Zuuli takes place over 3 Park years where you’ll be:

  • Picking and Passing these 3 types of cards with up to 4 other friends & family
  • Developing your zoo by building new enclosures, installing upgrades and moving and fitting animals in order to..
  • Have the highest scoring zoo at the end of the third Park Year.

Don’t let the cutesy looks fool you into thinking this is going to be easy though. Can you keep the Lions away from the Anteaters on the Savannah plains? Are you feeling friendly enough to pass that third Jellyfish to your Pond loving neighbour or feeling fierce enough to pass a Grizzly Bear that you know will scare off their already lonely Sloths. Maybe you desperately need that ‘Well Fed’ upgrade to make that Open-Air Island a happy home for all inhabitants.

For those of you that can’t wait, here’s a sneak peek at a couple more of the crew that await you in Zuuli.

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