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1 of my 10

For anyone thinking about Kickstarter, especially when it comes to board games, you can’t go very far wrong visiting Jamey Stegmaiers fantastic blog over at . It truely is a treasure trove of free information on all things Kickstarter, written by a man who has successfully funded 8 campaigns and raised over $3million.

If you’re still not convinced:

  • Jamey’s inspirational writing gives you that motivational kick when you’re in a dip
  • If you have a kickstarter question it’ll be answered in one of these blog posts somewhere
  • Jamey is still active and ever helpful in the comment sections
  • It’s a great way to connect with other budding designers
  • Did I mention it’s a free resource of some of the best and well documented Kickstarter advice out there! Thanks Jamey!

As part of the Unfringed journey one of the things I hope to do is build up a similar community of friendly faces and inspired by the post I’ve pulled out the 10 point headings, added some happy colours and fit it to a single page.

It was a good little bit of Inkscape practice and now sits pride of place above my desk as a reminder to try and complete at least one of these a day.

Feel free to use and print this yourself and let me know in the comments if you do.

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